Hairscissors Cerena Hashtag 9- 5.75"


Cerena #9- Asia Style

  • dHg-grinding for a smooth cutting action

  • convex cutting edges

  • extreme slim and adjustable FSS-Flat

    screw system

  • 30 teeth - in the front blade

  • soft stopper

  • forged and ergonomic fingerrest

  • offset and ergonomic shape

  • handpolished design finishing 

  • Size: 5.75"

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Supreme quality blade design thinningscissors scissors, ergonomically arched for superb comfort result in a fantastic cutting experience with the ultimate in solid and precise feel.
30 teeth with concave blade for a perfect for cutting. 

In the Asia Style version, the teeth are located in the top
(front) blade and the cutting edge in the underside blade (rear)

Made in Germany.

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